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IkamvaYouth Girls and Boys Club

The Girls/Boys Club is an initiative started by one IkamvaYouth branch assistant based at Nyanga branch Western Cape, Naledi Raba. Here is what she has to say about the club.

The Girls/boys club was first initiated at Nyanga branch as a way for learners to have a “safe space”. Initially it was developed to create a platform where learners could share some of their psychosocial issues. This is also a place for learners who are part of the IkamvaYouth (IY) programme come to socialize and get to know each other, build and strengthen the bond between them and the tutors and most importantly have fun.

Generally, the programme of the club is set by learners. They develop guiding principles and activities for the club, and these include icebreakers, trust games and the structure of the sharing session. Everything the club does comes directly from the learners, they decide on what issues can and cannot be discussed. As such this has created a safe, free and open space for the club members.  The sharing sessions are what this club is centered on, the sessions are aimed at delving deep into psychosocial issues facing learners in their everyday lives, and these vary from people needing advice about their personal issues or just needing an ear or shoulder to cry on. One of the key guiding principles of the club is that anything that is discussed in the space cannot be discussed by other learners outside the club.

“Girls/Boys Club is important because when you work with people, you can never ignore the things that they go through in their lives and that is why that safe space was created. Furthermore, theIkamvaYouth programme is focused on tutoring so it is fun to have one Friday each month not to have tutoring and let the learners relax, spend time with each other and with the tutors and staff. The aim is to strengthen the family bond that we have at the branch and for the learners to have a safe space to share some of their psychosocial issues. It is still early days but so far all the learners willingly participate in the Club which means it is something that they also wanted”- Naledi Raba Nyanga Branch Coordinator.


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