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An after-school programme is driven by a passion to make a difference. Our focus is especially on tutoring with dedicated volunteers and staff members.

You can be that difference!

IkamvaYouth wants to connect with everyone who is running an after-school programme so that we can all work together to share information and knowledge to maximise the impact of our programmes. We specialise in running an effective tutoring programme. Please read more about the IkamvaYouth model.

We want to share our experiences, knowledge and resources to support anyone who is running an after-school programme to maximise the impact of these programmes.

Select one of the following courses to learn more about how to implement an afterschool programme.

  1. Develop a community based project
  2. Effective tutoring
  3. Meaningful mentoring
  4. Train the trainer
  5. The SA education framework

This three-five-day course is designed for practitioners to plan, establish and manage a local community support structure or project in a manner which is systematic and informed by the basic principles of development practices, thus contributing to the development aspect of the broader sector of Education Training and Development as well as Adult Basic Education and Training work.

IkamvaYouth offers this course specifically for afterschool programme coordinators, especially those who are involved with tutoring grades 9-12 learners. It is based on the IkamvaYouth Tutoring Model that is designed for learners to pass matric and to further their tertiary studies or find post-matric opportunities.

The outcomes of this course are to:

  • Analyse the need or situation to be addressed;
  • Consult with relevant stakeholders;
  • Produce a plan of action;
  • Conduct meetings and events;
  • Manage the initiative; and
  • Evaluate progress of the project.

Grow your programme

Once you have your programme running smoothly (wishful thinking) it may be time to add in additional programmes to maximise impact. The programmes IkamvaYouth have run in the past are; health and life skills, computer literacy, media, image and expression (MIE), and winter school.

Organisational development

As your programme develops you will find that there is a need to strengthen your organisational backbone. These are some essential lessons that IkamvaYouth has learnt over its 12 years that will help you to increase your organisational efficiency in areas such as; governance, financial management, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and administration.

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