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IkamvaYouth’s tutoring methodology cannot and does not aim to replace the teaching learners receive at school. Instead, it aims to provide the additional support to help learners to identify the gaps in their knowledge and understanding, and to fill these through peer-to-peer learning.

While teaching involves the delivery of curricula, tutoring helps learners learn how to learn. This distinction is important.

Teaching lays the concept and transfers knowledge i.e. 1+1=2. Tutoring then uses this foundation to develop a deeper understanding about that concept.

A tutor works with 5 learners who bring with them the work they are struggling with in order to get help.  The tutor then asks targeted questions which encourage the learner to identify the gaps in their understanding, communicate these effectively and then work with the tutor, their peers and individually to fill these gaps.

It puts the focus and the responsibility squarely on the learner and shifts their role from a passive recipient of knowledge to an active participant in their own knowledge construction.

IkamvaYouth holds free tutoring sessions after-school from 3.30-5.30 and on weekends 9.30-12.30 at our branches across the country. There are also a number of partner organisations who are also delivering high quality tutoring services to South African youth.

Request more information and get in touch with your closest programme today, using the sidebar. Or apply directly if you know the branches name already.

Apply Here.

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